Buying or Selling a Franchise

Buying or selling a franchise? We have experience in a range of franchise opportunities, candidate assessments, and franchise agreement and premise negotiations.

Franchises – Buying or Selling

Owning a franchise
Owning a franchise can be a rewarding and positive experience as a business owner. Franchise businesses through the Ghana business landscape are many and varied, from home services opportunities to telecommunications, food, retail, trades and construction and professional services – the list of opportunities is large.

Benefits of a franchise
Entering into a Franchise Agreement gives you as the franchisee the opportunity to benefit from a tested and established business system and brand and business idea that has marketing and other business support. As a small to medium size business owner, in a franchise network you can sometimes have access to marketing, systems and innovations that would otherwise only be available in a much larger company.

An investment to become a franchisee
Remember that many of these benefits are as a result of the investment you make when you enter into a Franchise Agreement. There are also usually annual franchise fees, contributions and other specific requirements are need to comply with.

Good advice is important

So whether you are buying a franchise or selling a franchise there is additional considerations required for the seller, buyer and the franchisor Tikowrie Capital can assist you with expertise, advice and support.
Our team of professionals can help you through selecting a franchise opportunity to best fit your needs. We are also experienced in providing market appraisals and due diligence for prospective purchasers. If your wanting to sell your franchise we have a strong track record of success.


Interested in the franchise market?

Tikowrie Capital offers a full range of advisory and transaction services to franchise owners and those looking to enter into the franchise market.